Haircuts are a lot like the jeans you wear. You have to find the perfect fit or your entire look will be ruined. That why Evoke Salon & Spa is here, to give you the perfect haircut at a price you can’t refuse.

We provide unbeatable hair salon services to men, women, and children. Haircuts are one of our areas of expertise and we are always ready to devote sufficient time and skill to get the best results.



At Evoke Salon & Spa we know that every client’s hair is different and this is why we’ve customized our services to suit you. Our stylists can give you the best haircut to highlight your facial features despite your hair type. We are always aware of the latest hairstyles that are trending among females and we always carry the best styling tools.



Evoke Salon & Spa is skilled at installing hair extensions that are lasting and look natural. It doesn’t matter if your hair is straight, curly or thin; our stylists are skilled enough to create the look you want, using the best techniques. They are trained to perform different extension techniques to make your hair longer and thicker. This includes weaves and many more.



Evoke Salon & Spa offers a wide range of haircuts for men. Our artists are always up-to-date with the latest haircut trends so that our clients are never disappointed. Bowl cuts, brush cuts, Caesar, fades, temple fades, Mohawks and many more – you name it, we will create it.

Our staff only uses keratin hair products and salon tools to achieve the best results. Continuing education is also a big part of our team’s devotion to ensuring that we adhere to proper work ethics and techniques.


Children – Boys and Girls

Getting a haircut isn’t usually fun for young boys and girls and that is why there is no better place to take them than Evoke Salon & Spa. The clean and serene environment in our spa is enough to put them in an oasis of tranquility. To make things better, our artists are always friendly and willing to entertain our clients if needed. Each member of our team is fully capable of providing excellent customer service.

All scissors, shears, brushes, combs and other salon tools used for haircuts are always kept clean. We make it our priority to keep our spa clean so that your children and never exposed to an unhygienic environment.