Nail Care

Come relax in a clean and tranquil environment while we transform your nails!  Once you’ve entered through our doors you can expect personal, friendly service from our courteous nail technicians. We’re always prepared to demonstrate our artistic skills to our clients by investing adequate time to tending to their nails and skin. With us you can rest assured that your procedure will not be rushed and at the end you’ll be satisfied. Our goal is to provide you with the best nail care at a price that you’ll welcome.


Comfort You Will Love!

Treat your feet and hands with a chic pedicure or manicure from Evoke salon & Spa professional staff. We’re always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that you are comfortable during your appointment. We host a unique collection of comfy chairs that you can relax in as we tend to your nails. Our areas are noiseless and spacious, to provide you with the best combination of comfort and happiness – much like a home away from home.

We understand how important it is for you to have well-maintained, fashionable nails and we are here to help you attain just that. Our nail technicians are always up-to-date with the latest techniques and trends that you may be interested in. Simply tell us what you like and we’ll bring it to life. Our inventory is made up of high quality equipment and products to produce the best results. You can choose from among the beautiful colors in our nail art collection or go natural if you like.


Classic Manicure

Evoke Salon & Spa has been setting the standard for classic manicures since our establishment. From cutting, shaping, buffing and filing of your nails, to cleaning the cuticles, we’ll always be gentle with your hands and feet. To top things off, you will be treated with moisturizing hand massages before your nails are polished in a color of your choosing.


French Manicure

This is a great way to add allure to your nails for any occasion. A French manicure from our nail professionals will give you an elegant look that compliments your sleepwear or an evening gown. The manicure also starts with the shaping and cleansing of the nails and cuticles, followed by an application of lotion. Pure white painted across the tips of the nails is the signature mark of a French manicure.


Spa Manicure

Our spa manicure will add youth and beauty to your nails and hands. It offers all the benefits of a classic manicure with the added bonus of a paraffin treatment and an exfoliating scrub. We are confident when we say that you will be astounded by the results.


Classic Pedicure

Our classic pedicure allows you to relax in an aromatic environment and exfoliate your foot and lower leg. We’ll even treat your nails and polish them in a color you like, topping things off with a hydrating hand massage. It the ideal service to buff and shape your nails to perfection.


Spa Pedicure

Come and experience one of our most popular nail services and find out what all the fuss is about. From the moment that you arrive, you will be pampered and our nail technicians will gently cleanse your feet and cuticles. Our nail care professionals are also trained to perform the most soothing massages on your feet. We are confident you’ll be pleased once the treatment is completed.


French Pedicure

Our nail professionals have mastered the French pedicure and we would like to show off our skills to you. We’ll transform your nails from dull to elegant by polishing them in pure white and a neutral translucent color that screams classiness.


Nail Enhancement

If you’re looking to extend the length of your natural nails, our artificial nails are the perfect choice. We host a number of nails in different sizes and shapes, all of which are available to you at an affordable price. We’ll also give you a wide selection of nail art to choose from if you want to add a little fun to your nails.

Our gel manicure and pedicure services are of the highest standard with results that last longer and dry faster. It’s ideal for those of you with a busy schedule. We won’t let you leave until your nails are in the perfect color, shape and size. Our nail extension services include:

  • Acrylic Nails
  • Liquid Gel
  • Crystal Pink & White
  • Crystal Color Powder
  • Fill-Ins with manicure, etc.


Give us a call for more details about our services. We’re always willing to try new things to please our clients.


Reflexology Pedicure

30 minutes of our reflexology massage is all you need to treat your feet. Our technicians always use the best products to scrub and moisturize your feet eliminating all dead skin and callous buildups, to leave your feet feeling groomed and as light as a feather. For the finishing touch we’ll paint your toes in a color of your choice. The procedure is designed to help you experience instant results that can become long term when preceded by proper home-care.


Clean and Safe Equipment

At Evoke salon & Spa your safety is just as important to us as your satisfaction. As such we take extra care to ensure that our spa is sanitary at all times. You can trust that our spa will be clean and welcoming every time you visit – that’s our promise to you.

Before we open our doors to clients all surfaces and equipment are sanitized thoroughly to ensure cleanliness. Once we are done with your beauty care we’ll clean up after you. We are always adamant at complying with the State Board Cosmetology requirements to ensure your safety. All foot spas are disinfected regularly as a part of our commitment to your comfort. This is accomplished by scrubbing each tub and then cleansing it with a disinfectant solution. All implements used during manicure and pedicure are kept clean

We are never too busy to invest sufficient time into protecting our clients. You can rest assured that all services are offered at the highest standard of cleanliness. Give us a call today at (847) 486-9400.