Goodbye unwanted hair, welcome silky smooth skin!  Like many of our customers, this is what you will be chanting once you are behind our doors. Our professionals only use the best products in conjunction with proven techniques to completely remove unwanted hair so that you can flaunt your beautiful skin.


A Long-lasting Solution

Waxing with us allows your skin to stay free from hair much longer in the places that you want. From creating a perfectly shaped eyebrow to waxing your arms and legs, you’ll receive the best care and attention.

The wax we use has growth inhibitors to keep hair from growing back faster. Razors and tweezers just won’t cut it. You need a long-lasting solution and that is why we are here. When it comes to hair removal; accuracy and affordability are our signature moves. You won’t see new growth for at least ten days after waxing and your skin will maintain its softness (compared to shaving).

For our waxing services we only use products that are safe and gentle on your skin. Ingrown hairs and skin irritation can be bothersome and because of our commitment to your comfort we’re always careful. After each procedure we will apply a cooling lotion and even take time out to recommend proper skin care practices to you.


Preparing For Your Waxing Appointment

Our estheticians are licensed and capable of answering any questions that you may have before waxing. If you have been using Acutane, Retin A or other blood thinning medications we ask that you delay waxing to avoid pigmentation. Also, if you own products that contain alpha hydroxyl and glycolic acids avoiding using them 5 days before your waxing appointment. The hair you want to remove should be at least quarter of an inch.



Facial Waxing

Facial waxing is just one of the many services that Evoke Salon & Spa has mastered. If you are bothered by facial hair on your lips, chin or forehead or you simply want to remove your side burns, there is no better candidate for the job.

It’s the perfect treatment to restore your youthful look and maintain the smooth soft skin that you will be praised for. We spend time to assess each client’s individual needs to ensure that you’re always smiling when you leave us. We are confident that you will be satisfied with our aestheticians’ skills but it is important that you know that facial hair tends to grow back thicker and coarser after removal by waxing or shaving. For this reason we recommend electrolysis.

Facial waxing includes:

  • Lip Waxing
  • Neck Waxing
  • Chin Waxing
  • Temple Waxing
  • Sideburn Waxing
  • Ear Waxing
  • Jaw Waxing
  • Forehead Waxing


If you are looking for one of these services don’t hesitate to call us at (847) 486-9400.


Body Waxing

Evoke Salon & Spa offers waxing for most parts of the body, from head to toe for males and females alike. Look at our hair removal services and you’re bound to find one that suits your needs. All waxing treatments are performed in a clean and tranquil environment that  leaves our clients feeling comfortable. We will make the process quick and relaxing.

You’ll experience slower hair growth every time you visit us coupled with irresistible healthy skin.


Upper Body


We offer upper body waxing for those of you who like to show off your chest, back, shoulders, hands and arms. We understand how embarrassing hair can be in these areas especially during the summertime. To ensure that you’re not left to live through an embarrassing moment we use larger strips to remove hair from these areas.

Most of our clients who come in for upper body waxing are males but we also welcome all prospective female clients. Give us a call today!


Lower Body


You can wear your swimsuit with confidence when you wax your leg, buttocks and inner thigh with Evoke Salon & Spa. Why bother with the tiresome daily razor shaving routine when you have a quick and affordable solution.  Waxing your entire lower body is a great way to achieve soft skin and attractive legs for a longer period.

Waxing can be painful, so to reduce the pain we only use waxes that are elastic and skin temperature.


Bikini Waxing


Doing a bikini wax is not only great for your personal hygiene but also your attractiveness. The process is not as simple as waxing your upper and lower body but with our professional team assisting you the results will be the same – smooth skin free from unwanted hair. All clients are treated with respect during a bikini wax.


Our bikini waxing services include:

  • Buttocks strip
  • Brazilian Waxing
  • Bikini Line Waxing
  • Playboy Waxing


Eyebrow Waxing


Eyebrows have become a major part of modern fashion and no one does them better than Evoke Salon & Spa. Threading and other methods can be tiresome and painful, while waxing will get the job done with you wearing smile. Our professional estheticians know just how to shape your eyebrows to compliment your facial features and the results will last longer.


After Your Appointment


After your appointment avoid tanning for 24 hours as well as exposing the area that was waxed to direct sunlight for best results. Your skin is vulnerable to hyperpigmentation (discoloration) after waxing so be sure to use sunscreen before going in direct sunlight.

A hot shower might be tempting after you have waxed your legs but you should avoiding soaking in hot water for at least 10 hours after your treatment. Hot tubs and steam rooms should also be avoided since hot environments will open your skin’s pores putting you at risk of a bacterial infection and skin irritation.

Use of skin scrubs, loofahs and other exfoliating products should be discontinued for at least 24 hours after waxing. However, exfoliation after 24 hours has passed will help your skin to remain soft and free from ingrown hairs, especially in areas where a lot of hair has been removed. In addition, close fitting clothing could also irritate the waxed area and may also cause ingrown hairs.

Mild skin irritation after waxing is normal so you should not be alarmed.