Evoke salon & Spa is not only a cozy sanctuary, it’s also a place to unleash your beauty and live a healthier life. It a place where frowns are turned upside-down and old becomes new, a haven where your daily worries and frenetic schedules melt away in a tranquil environment – facilitating a more relaxed you.


Our 2000 sq. feet spa is an oasis of comfort that is always perfectly aligned to put your mind at ease. We are always adapting new techniques as the needs of our clients change, keeping you entertained, smiling and looking your best. We’ve occupied our current location in North Shore since 2012 and have welcomed many loyal clients since then.  years later, with the devotion of our staff and reliant clients, our amenities remain in impeccable condition.

about Evoke salon and Spa


Led by one of the most diligent professionals with over 16 years of experience, the Evoke Salon & Spa staff is always willing to work closely with all clients to ensure that they are satisfied with the services. We have a small family of 4 hair designers, one nail technician, one esthetician, and one masseuse.


We offer a number of services – from luxurious facials to top notch haircare and designs. All appointments are treated with an equal level of urgency and our arms are always open to prospective customers. Each procedure starts with a careful analysis of the hair, skin, or nails; to ensure that the right methods and products are used. We strive on the idea that our clients deserve nothing but the best and as such we use only the best line of products for treatment of skin and hair.


At Evoke Salon & Spa we are not just beautifiers, we are inventors who are constantly coming up with new techniques and setting high standards in the skincare and beauty industry. We cater to customers of different genders, ages, and occupations – from career individuals to stay at home parents who want to unwind in a peaceful environment. We are confident that you will want to be a part of our family!



``I have followed D'Angelo from salon to salon. I love that he is fast and efficient - which is very unlike prior experiences where it seems a lot of people are in the hair salon just to socialize. He is always pleasant, but has a good read of people, chatty when you want him to be, not so, when you just want to be left alone. Moreover, my hair color and cut have never been so wonderful as when I come out from a visit at Evoke.``
Erika Schroederus
I followed D'Angelo at two salons, and I'm thrilled he opened his own place. I have very long hair, and he's the first stylist I've had to really get layering it right- he blends so well, cuts cleanly, and gives a great blow-out that lasts for days. I have to say that I look forward to deep conditioning because he gives the beeesssst head massage. I ended up losing a lot of hair after having a baby, and I was practically in tears when I went to see him- he made me feel so much better and assured me he'd fix the front to hide some of the loss, but that we'd still be able to keep the length. His pricing is completely great, and although I haven't had highlights, I've seen his work on other women and they are so, so good- very natural and subtle. The space is great, clean, warm and calming. He's a friendly guy, easy to talk to, but also gets that sometimes I just want my magazine, coffee, and my own thoughts for the hour. Go see him, you won't be disappointed!
Jackie S.
So glad to see D'Angelo back to the business! I only went in for a pedicure not knowing this was his new place but will be back for hair services soon. The pedicure was very nice - good color choices, great massage chair, good service and for not being exclusively in the nail business, this is a full service salon, they did a nice job.
Chandra K.
I love this new salon. The place is beautiful and the staff are great. Atorena has been my stylist for 8 years. She takes her customers very seriously and is very knowledgeable about what is best for hair. She is more than a stylist! She truthfully answers any questions regarding styling and is a great lecturer. She does not take her customers as only customers but teaches them how to keep their hair healthy. I have learned so much throughout these years. I trust her with my hair and have never been disappointed.
Ram S.